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I love to create I have been painting ever since I was a young child.


I create in watercolours, oils acrylic and am a printmaker.


I live outside Jerusalem and have lived here for 45 years.


I have also lived in London, New York, Cape Town and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and Johannesburg where I was born. My four grandparents immigrated to South Africa from Lithuanian, Poland England and Latvia.


I have exhibited in the 4 continents and my paintings are in the collection of Museum colletions and private homes all over the world.


My studio is in our home on a hill overlooking the magical city of Jerusalem and  I am  surrounded by a magical garden of  trees, flowers, and  birds and when I wake I can look across to the magical city sparkling in front of me.


I am an intuitive artist and my art follows my dreams and subconscious. I like best to work on awakening and then my dream world is expressed directly on paper or canvas.


I hope my art brings joy and touches people’s souls.