About / Artist Statement

I paint and create intuitively and love color and love to create.

I am inspired by my fantasies dream world and subconscious.

Having grown up surrounded by cave paintings in a little town of Bulawayo in the middle of Southern Africa I learnt the art of writing down ones own experiences, fears and dreams in paint. My mother was an artist loving color and texture, my father at one time sold fabrics of all colors and designs and we had a luminous huge beautiful garden, filled to the brim with jacaranda and gum trees.


My works are abstract but figures, trees, the mandala, the eye and flowers are always appearing.

I love the vibrant luminous colors of watercolours, how the paint flows with the water on the paper and my images shapes and forms appear. I love the different brushes and paper and how each one whether brushes or paper is like touching the different keys of the piano.

I love creating while listening to music Rachmaninov for the oils and Chopin or Satie for the watercolors.

The watercolours are my poems and the oils are my books unwinding the story of my life and my experiences. My etchings and monotypes are sometimes a train of my subconscious

My garden created about 30 years ago feeds my work as do the hills that we walk in almost every day.

The intensity of Jerusalem is every present in my creativity.