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Biographical Notes

1948 - Pamela Segal was born in Johannesburg, South Africa

1952 - Moved with her family to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

1973 - Immigrated to Israel

1985 - Member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors

Lives and works in Motza Illit near Jerusalem .



1969 - BA in History, University of Cape Town, South Africa

1971 - Post-graduate certificate of education, Goldsmith's College, University of London

1982/83 - Studied at Art Students' League, New York

1992 - Studied Printmaking with Sidon Rotenberg at the Jerusalem Print Workshop

1995 - Studied Monotypes at the Massachusetts Colege of Art and Design, Boston

1995 - Creates weekly at the Jerusalem Print Workshop


Selected Solo Exhibitions

1984 - "Faces from New York," Alon Gallery, Jerusalem

1988 - The Artists' House, Jerusalem

1988 - Ben Uri, The London Jewish Museum of Art

1989 - "Watercolors," Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv (two-person exhibition)

1991 - "Faces in Nature," Alon Gallery, Boston (two-person exhibition)

1992 - "Childhood Memories," Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem

1993 - "The Sea," Jerusalem Theatre Gallery, Jerusalem

1995 - "A Journey Home to Zimbabwe," Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv (Catalogue)

1995 - "A Journey Home to Zimbabwe," The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe; The National Gallery in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

1997 - "Falling from the Stars," The Artists' House, Jerusalem

1998 - "In Every Color there is Light," Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem

1999 - "Magic Earth," Leighton House Museum, London

1999 - "A Watercolor Diary," The Art Gallery, Beit Gabriel on the Kinneret, Israel

2000 - "A Watercolor Diary," Saka Gallery, Tokyo

2002 - "Magical Dreams" Galleri Sct. Gertrud, Copenhagen

2003 - "Images Fleeting Past," The Khan Museum, Ashkelon, Israel (Catalogue)

2004 - "Circles in the Sand," The Artists' House, Jerusalem

2004 - "Circles in the Sand," Galerie am Park, Vienna

2004 - "Circles of My Soul," Museu Da Água da EPAL, Lisbon (Catalogue)

2006 - "Secret Symbols," Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2008 - "Sensing the Other," The Jerusalem Art Center, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2009 - "Cape Town, How I Love You and All Your Secrets," Spier, Stellenbosch, South Africa

2009 - "A Jerusalem Summer Evening," Galleri Sulegaarden, Assens, Denmark (Catalogue)

2012 - "I See You," The Art House Gallery, Mevasseret, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2013 - “ The Horizon is Here” The Zaritsky Artists’ House Tel Aviv (Catalogue)

2018 - The Colour of Light" Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town


Selected Group Exhibitions

1986 - "Telfed Arts Festival," Yad Labanim Museum, Herzliya, Israel

1987-89 - "National Society," Smith's Gallery, Covent Garden, London

1989 - "Tashmat," The Artists' House, Jerusalem

1989 - Grand prix international d'arts plastiques, Nice, France

1989 - "Twelve Jerusalem Artists," Alexandra Palace, London

1991 - "Grand Prix International d’arts Plastiques" Nice

1995 - "Spring Exhibition" Mabat Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

1996 - "Jerusalem-Moscow," Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow

1997 - "Osaka Print Triennial," the 8th International Contemporary Art Competition, Osaka

1997 - "Dialogue," International Exhibition, Manege, St. Petersburg (Catalogue)

1998 - Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial, Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo (Catalogue)

1998 - "50 Years to Israel," Galeria d'Art Zero, Barcelona

1998 - "Watercolors," Galleri Sulegaarden, Assens, Denmark

1999 - "Sabinsky Press Artist Book," Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv

2000 - "30x30," The Artists' House, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2000 - "Riimfaxe", Fyns Udstillingsbygning, Odense 

2001 - "Riimfaxe," Gallery M, Berlin (Catalogue)

2001 - "Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial," Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo (Catalogue)

2001 - "Riimfaxe", Gallery Gedok, Hamburg 

2002 - "Jerusalem Lions," street exhibition, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2002 - "Freedom," Hanita Museum, Kibbutz Hanita, Israel

2003 - "Israeli Contemporary," Robert Sandelson Gallery, London (Catalogue)

2003 - "Seven Artists in One Season," Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv (Catalogue)

2004 - "Riimfaxe," The Round Tower, Copenhagen

2005 - "2nd Beijing International Art Biennale," Beijing (Catalogue)

2005 - "2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art," Mauritius

2005 - "100" Galleri Sulegaarden, Assens; Denmark

2005 - "Print" Muzeum Miastro Ostrowa, Wielkopolskiego  

2006 - "Awakening," Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel (Catalogue)

2006 - "The House," Beit Ahuza, Ra'anana, Israel

2007 - "Traces III: The 3rd Biennale for Drawing in Israel," The Artists' House, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2007 - "The 7th Watercolor Biennial," Gallery Savremena, Serbia (Catalogue)

2007 - "Small Dimensions," Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem

2007 - "Printmakers," Zeek Gallery, Jerusalem

2008 - "Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition," China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing Working  People's Cultural Palace (Catalogue)

2008 - "Jerusalem, Surface Fractures," The Artists' House, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2010 - "Traces IV: the 4th Biennale for Drawing in Israel," The Artists' House, Jerusalem (Catalogue)

2014 - "The 1st International Art Biennale,” Qingdao, China (Catalogue)

2015 - "Hundred Women Artists’ Artworks Exhibition Qingdao " Womens' Artist Association China

2015 - "The 13rd Sage of Calligraphy” Cultural Festival, Linyi China

2015 - "Red and Green International Female Art Exhibition”, Ningbo Art and Cultural Center, China

2015 - "The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition," London(Catalogue)

2015 - "The Original Print Show" curated by Norman Ackroyd CBE RA  Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk UK

 2016 - "Galleri Sulegaarden 25 Years (1991-2016) Assens Denmark

 2016 - "Green Earth" Kalakshatra Museum Gallery, Kalakshetra, Guwahati, India (Catalogue)

 2016 - "Fresh Paint " Gottesman Etching Centre Stand, Tel Aviv

 2016 - "Group Exhibition” Gottesman Etching Centre, Kabri

 2016 - "The Masters” Bankside Gallery London UK

 2016 - "17th Asian Biennale Bagladesh"(Catalogue)

 2016 - "7th International Art Meeting Kolkota India"(Catalogue)

2018 - "The Silk Journey to Art" Hwa Chong Cultural Centre, Singapore

            China Qianjiang International Art Exhibition,  Hangzhou Qianjiang International Art Museum, China 

            Contemporary Local Print Exhibition , Jerusalem Print Workshop 




Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Museu Da Água da Epal, Lisbon

Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo

National Gallery in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Danske Bank, Denmark

Ben Uri, the London Jewish Museum of Art

National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington DC



1991 Diplome D'Honneur Grand Prix International D'Arts Plastique, Nice, France

2002 Official Artist of the EDTA Congress Copenhagen Denmark

2008 Gold Medal Olympic Fine Art Exhibition Beijing China


1995 "A Journey Home to Zimbabwe", Mabat Gallery Tel Aviv; The National Gallery of Zimbabwe

2003 "Monotypes", Khan Museum Ashkelon

2006 "Secret Symbols", Nora Gallery, Jerusalem

2008 "Sensing the other" The Jerusalem Art Centre

2009 "A Jerusalem Summer Evening" Sulegaaarden, Assens, Denmark

2012 "I See You" Art House Gallery, Mevaseret, Jerusalem

2013 "The Horizon is Here" The Zaritsky Artists' House, Tel Aviv

2018 "The Colour of Light" Irma Stern Museum Cape Town, South Africa